< Getting The Gig signs AS IF 90s Tribute
01/15/2015 4:50pm Age: 8 yrs

Getting The Gig announces Dirt as an exclusive artist

The angst, the flannel, the Dr Martens and the sounds of Seattle, DIRT is Baltimore’s authentic tribute    to grunge.  It’s easy to see that there is a 90’s revival and DIRT is on the leading edge of introducing the rebirth of grunge in the Mid-Atlantic music industry.  Once a variety act, DIRT is now focused on recreating the hits made popular by artists such as Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam.  Songs like Smells Like Teen Spirit, Even Flow and Man In The Box were multi-platinum anthems that resonated through the early 1990’s and DIRT is bringing them back to life.  When you couple this talented band, these hits and the emotional power of grunge with Getting The Gig’s founder, Sy Seyler’s experience in developing a tribute act, the sum is a guaranteed winning combination!