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03/30/2015 2:01pm Age: 8 yrs

Getting The Gig announced the signing of Vinyl Rhino

Vinyl Rhino is a Maryland-based, power-pop, party-rock, rap, country, classic, and dance cover band, playing everything from Miley Cyrus to Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift to Cheap Trick, Bruno Mars to Bon Jovi, Katy Perry to Kenny Loggins, Cee Lo Green to Queen. Full of energy, Ashley Miles is a dazzling siren joined by multiple male vocals with the ability to deliver the ever-evolving playlist of your life.  The quintet has been ferocious and readers Frederick Magazine responded by voting them Best Band in the Reader Poll 2015.   The band headlines niteclubs, special events, festivals and is perfect for private parties, corporate events and wedding receptions.<o:p></o:p>

When you combine this talented band, the arsenal of radio-ready hits with Getting The Gig’s founder, Sy Seyler’s experience in developing a cover band, the potential is limitless!  Getting The Gig is delighted to sign this artist and we hope our friends check out the band’s schedule soon www.facebook.com/vinyl-rhino or www.vinylrhino.com<o:p></o:p>